"I just wanted to tell everyone what happened today.

My aunt suffers from blood sugar issues, type 1. The doctors think she is insulin resistant. Her sugar was up to 581. Then it went to over 600.

I gave her 5 drops of the 500mg 10x.... only 5 drops. Within an hour her sugar is down to 524.

She is still going to take her insulin, but this helped saved her from a trip to the ER tonight!! Hopefully it will continue to drop. It did not cure or treat, just helped in bringing her levels down." Jennifer W.

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“I love the 10 x pure 500 mg because it gave me the chance to get off all my narcotics meds of oxycodone 325 mg 2 x day, Gabapentin 600 mg 3 x a day and flexaril 200 mg 3 x week. It has gave me my life back where the meds gave me brain fog and I could not function more then a few hours a day. My husband was able to get off all his high blood pressure meds, and my 13 year old son regulated his Thyroid.” DeVon M.




“I have had blood sugar stabilization issues going on 12 years been on Metformin 500 mg 3x daily. I had started using CBD oil shortly after I was told that my condition had gotten worse, and that I was looking at the first stages of kidney failure plus the shots.

Sorry DOCTOR that's not an option - I'm NOT doing the shots!!

The same day of learning this I was diagnosed with bone-related joint inflammation, which she (Doctor) sends me a referral for the Medical Marijuana. Nope, not doing that either it cost way to much plus I don't want the HIGH feelings that come with it. Well, not at this time I'm not going that route. That is my last resort.

So I had asked her what her thought was on me trying CBD she is all for it but she really wanted me to go the other way with the medical card.

Anyways, since I have been using CTFO CBD oil, my number has been 130-185 range - still kind of high. My numbers have always been 300-460 range morning, noon & night even on my medications, now something just doesn't seem right about that!

I don't need a college degree to figure that out right! I have had zero intense headaches when I was a frequent flier of intense headaches so bad that I couldn't even function. I now sleep wonderfully none of this up & down all hours of the night or just flat out no sleeping.

No more passing out at the kitchen sink while washing dishes because my sugars are so high. Just this past April had a hysterectomy which threw my body in a whirlwind of changes as us ladies know this can be very annoying, to say the least.

I had been trying to find a way to STOP the hot flashes, mood swings and this crying for NO REASON other than I hated being ME!! I was buying over the counter meds and even had the doctor put me on some hormonal medication which then made me gain weight. Oh nope, this isn't working.

I now have my hormones in check with CBD oil. I currently take 500 mg 10X & Super 7. 
So, in a nutshell, CTFO CBD OIL does work! So for all you Nonbelievers put all this in your pipe and smoke it! LOL. No pun intended.” Tammy P.



“So I have been hesitant to write this, as I wanted to be sure the Lexapro was out of my system. I have been on it for at least 6 years. I was at max dosage of 20mg a day. It stopped working. It's the only serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SRI) that does NOT cause weight gain. So I was not looking forward to switching meds and gaining weight!
I knew it stopped working since I have PHYSICAL symptoms of anxiety - I break out in a rash on my chest.

My symptoms of unmanaged PTSD is horrific nightmares of violent attacks (yes that's what caused it in the first place, thanks to my abusive ex husband).

So the nightmares were back and the rash and the panicky feeling of not being able to breathe on occasion. Very little restful sleep = exhausted all day too.

So I knew I needed to do something at my next doc visit, which is next week! Lexapro has a 30 hour half life. So in 30 hours I'd have 10mg left in my system, another 30, 5mg left, another 30 2.5, etc….So after a week it is safe to say I no longer have it in my system.


I do have CTFO CBD Oil in my system, and folks...things are looking good!

No nightmares - weird dreams, yes, but no nightmares of violent attacks.
No active red rash - just spots from previous rash healing.
No panic attaks
No feeling like I can't breathe
No exhausting negative thoughts/convo running through my head (that's what finally made me go to doc years before)
No depression
Positives besides that? I feel rested, energized, happy, and peaceful.“ Lorraine P


“I am taking 1500 mg 10X Pure for a month now and I love it. I have Crohn's and Colitis. Let me tell you I can now eat raw veggies and fruit. I haven't done that in 20 something years.

Plus my eye sight is not all that good, but I can see a lot better and my right ear I could not hear out of for years. Last Friday it popped and now I can hear. Next Tuesday I was going to have minor surgery on my ear. I'm still going to have my ear checked out and tell my Doctor why I can hear out of my ear. And my skin is so much smoother, no dry spots.

The 10X Pure has done so much for me. Totally unexpected things.” James Ellis


"I hurt my shoulder 2 years ago years ago and I have been in pain every day. I have gotten physio and I go to the Chiropractor every month for 2 years and nothing seemed to work. I still have pain, some days are worse than others. but up to now, I just dealt with the pain.

Well I got the CTFO CBD oil and the Pain Freeze. I started taking the oil (500mg) and this morning I am totally pain free and I have had an amazing sleep. (which I never get)
I feel awake and ready to get the day started. thank you CTFO for these amazing products. I am glad I said yes..” Maurice


“I have been waiting to post this, until I had the good results that I KNEW would come.

I have suffered from a nagging shoulder pain for about 9 years. I injured my left shoulder somehow during my days as a professional dog trainer. This pain has been constant, but only when I raise my arm above my chest, or when I try to sleep on my left side. I kind of assumed it was a rotator cuff injury, and know so many who went through that surgery and were not anybetter afterwards. So I’ve put up with it.

I began daily doses of 750mg CTFO oil 4 weeks ago. It took three days to get the dosage correct, but I am now taking 15 drops 2X per day; morning and evening. This is the ONLY change I have made; I take NOTHING ELSE for the pain, and never have.

In 5 days I noticed a slight increase in the mobility of the left shoulder before the pain would kick in. By the time 12 days had passed, my pain level went from an 8 to a 2 when I had my arm fully extended above my head (I first noticed it in the shower).

Today, I have full mobility with NO PAIN in the shoulder, no matter what I do with the left arm, or where I place it…..
I am so thankful to be pain free. One never understands what limitations one gets when a shoulder is “out of whack”…..but believe me, they exist. Even putting a coat on has to be re-learned!

Now I have my shoulder back! 
Thank you CTFO for these incredible products.” Scott